EXIM Agricultural University: driving sustainable development


EXIM Agricultural University: driving sustainable development
EXIM Agricultural University provides agricultural training and scholarships for the young people of Bangladesh, with the kind support of NASSA Group

NASSA Group is profoundly committed to the vital role of education in Bangladesh in achieving socio-economic, financial and commercial growth.

We believe that by investing in education and training we lay the foundations for future generations of Bangladeshis to negotiate, determine and drive their own economic futures. 80% of the population of Bangladesh lives in rural and agricultural areas. For development to be impactful it is important to align education and training to natural trends in the economy. Therefore NASSA is proud to be funding a new agricultural university. The University will train a new generation of Bangladeshis in modern agricultural techniques that will equip them to support themselves, their families, communities and Bangladesh’s economy as a whole.

EXIM Bank, a division of NASSA Group, will also support students from underprivileged backgrounds with scholarships so that they can build a brighter future for themselves.

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